No, this is not a tryout.  For the younger age groups it is a supplemental addition of technical work on top of what they already do.  As the players get closer to the age groups of our full time DA teams it is one of the methods of identification & development of top players to have a chance of entering our full time Development Academy program.

All of the costs of the program are covered by RSL so there is no cost to the player.  This includes the full training kit that is provided.

No, it is not a negative.  We encourage all players in the event of a conflict on the schedule of their club team that the player attends the club teams game or practice.  Communication is encouraged, but it is not viewed as a negative.

Yes, we encourage young players to consistently work at home to build the technical base needed for high level play.  We also recommend attending in person games within the RSL family.  Specifically attending the DA home games and the Real Monarchs home games to see some of the next levels that can be attained.

Yes, please refer to the “Be Seen” page for different ways that are available to still be seen and be invited for a later cycle of trainings.