How Can My Child Be Seen?

The YDA scouting department has been scouting games, trainings, scrimmages and tournaments since early 2017. ¬†With the YDA scouting department seeing tens of thousands of players in this time, we understand that there are still some talented players that we haven’t seen yet. ¬†There are also players that were observed that were either not having their best game or perhaps not present when the game was being scouted.

For these and other reasons we feel it important to have 1) recommendations from club DOC’s and coaches 2) input from parents.

Below are two ways to have your child on the YDA scouting report.

There are no ID Camps currently scheduled. Please check back at a later time.

Submit to the scouting report

Besides the ID Camps, you can fill out the form below to submit your child’s info the Youth Development Academy’s scouting report.

By submitting this information you are not guaranteed being scouted; however, information submitted is provided at-will for our scouts.